Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Israelis Denounce Robertson's Terroristic Call for Assassination

Israelis Denounce Robertson's Terroristic Call for Assassination
Press Release

Contact: Reuven Kaminer – rkaminer@netvision.net.il

Put Robertson on Trial!

One hundred Israeli academicians and peace activists have signed an urgent letter to the Venezuelan Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Angel Rafael Portolero, in order to express their solidarity with President Chavez and Venezuela. The letter is in response to the criminal incitement by a prominent U.S. fundamentalist Christian politician, calling for the assassination of Chavez. The text of the declaration follows:

On his widely broadcast television program of August 24, 2005, Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Coalition, openly called for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela. The Christian fundamentalist activist politician and media figure – who is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Israeli settlers and the Greater Israel movement - had the temerity and impudence to explain the ‘advantages’ of such a murderous step for the United States

Public opinion in the United States and all over the world was justifiably shocked and dismayed. Robertson’s declaration is an open and unalloyed act of terror. It is a dangerous and inflammatory criminal act in every sense. It is the duty of international public opinion and every concerned citizen to condemn this brazen act and demand that Robertson face the full weight of both international and domestic law. .

Among the signatories:

Academicians: Altman, Colman; Ben Ami, Eyal;
Bresheet, Haim; Cohen, Veronika; Dascal, Marcelo; Freund, Elizabeth; Giladi, Avner; Goldreich, Oded; Gozansky, Tamar; Katriel, Jacob; Law-Yone, Hubert; Leibner, Gerardo; Matar, Anat; Raz-Krakozin, Amnon; Ram, Haggai; Reinhart, Tanya; Shabtai Aharon; Shuldiner, Zvi; Wesley, David.

Peace activists: Bar, Iris; Berger, Tami; Blanc, Judy; Hamad, Rola; Kaminer, Matan; Katriel, Tamar; Matar Haggai; Noach, Haiya; Peter Dani; Polak, Monika; Ravon, Ada; Steinfield, Nurit; Swirsky, Gila; Traubman, Lily; Shachar, Itamar.
Journalists: Davidi, Efraim; Naffa Hisham; Baram Haim; Warchawsky Michael.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Beilin between Geneva and Givat Ram

Yossie Beilin sureyed the post-disengagement political scene in a short op-ed piece in today's Yidioth Ahronoth. The substance of his message was the necessity for renewing the peace process as soon as possible. The problem is that he, under the influence of his party's needs, determined that nothing is possible until after elections in Israel and for the Palestinian Authority. This means freezing the process for another six months. A very dangerous piece of advice. There should be absolutley no linkage between the two issues - peace initiatives and elections to the Israeli Knesset. It is not absolutley clear why Beilin handled this contradiction so clumsily.