Monday, May 28, 2012

The Poison Pen of Netanyahu and Barak

Bibi and Barak are climbing the wall with acute frustration. They are dying to attack Iran despite the ongoing negotiations, but even they understand that this is a no-brainer. Unable to attack Teheran, they are spewing their bile at … Barack Obama.

You do not have to be a big expert on the Israeli political scene to know that a Ha’aretz Senior Correspondent, Arie Shavit is a dedicated mouthpiece for Netanyahu and Barak. So if you want to know where Bibi and Ehud stand regarding US-Israeli relations and what the two think about Barack Obama, Shavit is a perfectly and totally reliable source. Shavit published a savage, no holds barred piece of vilification against Obama last Friday. If you are interested in the scabrous details of this scurrilous diatribe, here is the link:

There is not an abomination so low that Obama is excused from having performed.  He is on the verge of becoming a “grotesque figure;”- “his inaction will make the ME go nuclear and undermine the world order.”  “Obama watches the tsunami rolling toward’s America’s shores –and smiles.” Obama, the deceiver, is pushing Israel into a corner, and is scared witless only over any rise in the price of oil.

Bibi and Barak are making a superhuman effort to drag a shackled and shamed Barak Obama into the accused prisoner’s box and hang a sign on him saying “I am a traitor.” This is the way brave Israel deals with cheap gamblers who want to toy with the fate of the free world.

If this sounds a bit “too much” the reader must open up the link, check my quotations, and read every shocking word. The reader will read with his own eyes, the disgusting allegation to the effect, and I quote, “In the last 40 months Barack Obama has been betraying his office.  Will he wake up in the next four months, come to his senses and change his ways?” That is impeachment talk.

How very interesting! Is this the same Obama who has constantly assured and enhanced Israeli military technology and strategic, regional superiority? Is this the same Obama who has allowed Israel to effectively bury any chance of peace by continued settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories?  Is this the same Obama who has shielded Israel from the mounting opprobrium of the international community? Is this the same Obama who has reiterated again and again that the US commitment to the security and well being of Israel is unshakable? Is this the same Obama who has engineered the practical surrender of the Palestinians to Israeli repression? Obama, the senseless traitor, must do more. He must go to war with Iran or at the least sponsor an Israeli attack.

In case, I have confused my reader, let me try and make some sense of Obama’s enormous efforts to stay off the Bibi-Barak
list of enemies. The US is experiencing a crisis which involves no small amount of retrenchment. In the US, there are right-wing circles which refuse to recognize these hard facts. Barack Obama fears being eliminated by military fundamentalists who hope and believe that they can reassert US  power and prestige by intensified, unrestrained, employment of military technology; we are really talking mass murder. Romney will join King Bibi and Ehud Barack in teaching the enemies of the U.S. that they had better learn some new facts of life.  According to this scenario, the Israeli government and its international propaganda apparatus are going to help Romney get rid of Barack Obama. And Romney is going to help Bibi and Ehud to get rid of Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So everything works out in the end