Sunday, September 25, 2005

Anti-Communism and Opposition to Communism

Many progressives and even liberals have often joined Communists in making a distinction between opposition to Communism and anti-Communism. Quite obviously, the clarification of this distinction is not a simple cut and dried matter. However, the political and theoretical importance of the distinction is a serious matter.

Opposition to Communism is the more easily understood category. Communism as a major political and ideological force could not but arose opposition on every level. For the most part this opposition stemmed from a clear system of values and interests. The rational element of the opposition was dominant, and as a rule it did not need to distort Communist to base its opposition. Religious people could, for example, base their opposition to Communism on its negation of religion, and the same principle holds true down the line. Supporters of free-enterprise and the divine right of private property did not need to distort Communism to explain their opposition to the system and the idea. This did not mean that the opponents of Communism abstained from distortions and slander, but that their core position was based on a rational analysis of authentic factors.

Over the years, as a result of fierce ideological and political struggle another current of analysis grew prominent in reactionary circles. This analysis was based on the demonization of communism and everything that it represented. From this vantage point, Communism was simply the incarnation of evil. It had to be fought the way one fights the devil, by ascribing it supernatural and insidious qualities. Real history and the complex play of historical forces that produced Communism and imparted it with gigantic moral and political impact are ignored and or disregarded by anti-communism. Instead of rational historical analyses that can even be found in sources bitterly opposed to Communism, anti-communism becomes the symbol, motivating force and explanation of evil and its ramifications.

Anti-Communism is built around a set of dogmas, which often contradict one another. The regimes are always a product of political terror, but the clear expression of popular support is a product of brain washing. The regime is interested only in military strength and squelching political opposition, but somehow manages to record serious progress in education, health and social security for the overwhelming mass of the people. The lack of political options and opportunity are always the product of the communist regime and never related to the conditions and the historical development connected with the Communist regimes. Anti-communism is that ideological trend that sees the communist regimes as a result of the arbitrary imposition of brutal dictatorships by power hungry cliques. The crises of capitalism, the brutal suppression of communism and all reformist tendencies, the isolation of the Communist countries, the fierce ideological, political, and economic conflict against Communist regimes by stronger and more developed countries - all these important historical elements. The racism, militarism and exploitation endemic to the capitalist system are all eliminated from the historical equation.

The blood of millions of martyrs in the struggle against fascism, racism and national oppression are erased from the historical record and their aims and aspirations are derided and ridiculed because they were Communists and as such the instrument of evil.

The history of Communism and the communist experience is not a complex of successes and failures, but the stern revenge of history for those who leave the path of parliamentary democracy and civil rights.Those unfortunate nations who never had the options of following that path either then or now are advised to get a book on U.S. constitutional law. The anti-communist abandons all historical analysis in favor of a manual of absolute criteria and the victory of capitalism is the final and unequivocal proof of the superiority of liberal values. At any rate, the past and current crimes of imperialism pale in comparison to the crimes of Communism. Simply said, the crimes of reaction are opposed to the essence of democracy and the crimes of communism are the legal offspring of the regime.