Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Accreditation for Expropriation

The Israeli Council for Higher Education has protested the usurpation of its authority by the government and the IDF, but to no avail. The ball is now in its court. The CHE must act. Inaction on its part will be justly interpreted as passive acceptance of the new university, born in the sin of occupation. The CHE is not without the means to nullify this outrageous bit of academic banditry.
It is hereby suggested to the CHE and to all worthy institutions of higher learning all over the world that they go on record to the effect that doctoral studies and the doctorate awarded by the so-called 'Ariel University' cannot and will not be recognized as legitimate university studies. I understand that there are those who might consider this an extreme measure.
However, occupation, expropriation, repression, and politicide cannot and should not be condoned as a basis for academic effort. Let the candidates for study at this gross mockery of educational values and simple decency, know that they may be wasting their time and money. Let the HCE of education lead the international academic world in deciding that studies at this so called university are null and void. No doctoral studies and no doctoral awards in the shadow of shame, on the blooded  ground  of  a cruel, brutal and ugly occupation